Hottest Men Alive — 2009/2010 Official Listings


Zac Efron has again topped the charts in the Hottest Men Alive, largely due to his massive teengirl fan base from his Movie, High School Musical. Jeremy Shum, engineering manager from Miley5! Weekly came closely second losing by just a few votes. Step Up 2 actor acting alongside Brianna Evigan also came closely behind. Joe Jonas came fourth, and Brad Pitt fifth, sliding down the chart as he oldens.

Here is the full listing:

Hottest Men Alive — 2009 / 2010 Listing

This is an updated list of the hottest 32 people alive, which is a
summary of the various “Hottest Men Alive” lists found on the Internet,
including WHO Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Who Magazine, Forbes Magazine, et
cetera – as of 2009 / 2010. List adjusted monthly to reflect changes. Feel free to distribute this list to your website.

Zac Efron: Dancer and Actor

Zac Efron became famous in High School Musical and came
in front of Jeremy Shum by just a FEW votes. Considered THE hottest guys alive
today. Tad bit of makeup …

Jeremy Shum: Engineering Manager

Mr. Shum is the Executive Director of Miley5! Weekly, and has a
B.Com (Acctng), currently completing his LL.B (Laws) and B.S.E.E. We
❤ him – perfect qualifications, perfect looks (tan & hair),
perfect voice… a tad bit
of makeup…

Step Up: Dancer and Actor

This is the guy from Step Up 2 alongside Brianna
Evigan. He is a great dancer as well as great looks.


Joe Jonas: Singer and Actor

Joe Jonas is best known from Camp Rock! with Demi
Lovato, as well as the upcoming J.O.N.A.S. Show … and he’s a

Brad Pitt: Actor

Yes we all know him as Angelina Jolie’s husband… There is no
need for an introduction for this traditional hottie

Nick Jonas: Singer and Actor

The singer behind the Jonas Brothers, fans often argue who’s
hotter out of Joe and Nick… But Joe still came out on top!

Orlando Bloom: Actor

He may have shot arrows to kill people in movies, but he’s shot
us a love arrow. We love him because we all do.

Matthew McConaught: Actor

Starring alongside the sexy Kate Hudson in How To Lose A Guy In
30 Days – we don’t want to lose him!

Tom Cruise: Actor

Cruise may be controversial for his Scientology, and his
carpet-jumping, but he is voted one of the hottest “oldies”

Jamie Oliver: TV Host

Who doesn’t like a man who can cook and has a great British
accent; host of the Naked Chef?

George Clooney: Actor

Starring alongside Brad Pitt and featured in many action movies,
we all know who he is and love him for his great business looks

Ryan Seacrest: TV Host

Seacrest is best known internationally for being host of
American Idol; and locally as the host of American Top 40

Jesse McCartney: Singer

Pop Singer for Hollywood Records (Walt Disney Inc)

Kevin Jonas: Singer and Actor

Mr. Jonas is another lead singer for the Jonas Brothers.

Owen Wilson: Actor

Actor best known co-starring alongside Jackie Chan, we love him!

Jude Law: Actor

We all love this hot movie star.

Tom Ford: Designer

Mr. Ford is a renowned fashion designer. Who doesn’t love a
fashion hottie?

Leonardo DiCaprio: Singer

Who can forget Leonardo DiCaprio from the all-time highest
grossing movie, the Titanic?

Steve Rushton: Singer

New singer signed to Hollywood Records, he made his “hit single”
with Race To Witch Mountain, the new Disney hit

David Beckham: Sportsman

A super hot soccer player for Manchester United (recently transferred
to the U.S. Galaxy)

James Bond: Actor

The new James Bond, we have all grown to love him.

Matt Damon: Actor

An action actor, we love him for the Bourne series of movies

Prince William: Prince

The oldest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles; the Prince
of Wales. Yes, we all know who he is!

Justin Timberlake: Singer

Best known for being the boyfriend of Britney Spears

Roger Federra: Sportsman

Fantastic tennis player, racking in millions of sponsors

Christian Bale: Actor

An actor in action movies

Ugly Betty: Actor

An actor we know from Ugly Better, the hottie doctor

Vince Vaughn: Actor

A comedy actor, we all think he’s hot – and funny.

Prince Harry: Prince

The brother of Prince William (also on the list), we
all love him … or loathe him (for his party image)

Frankie Muniz: Actor

Best known for starring alongside Hilary Duff, he is one of teen
pop’s biggest stars

Jake Gyllenhaal: Actor

Actor from the controversial movie portraying homosexuality in
positive light.

Toby McGuire: Actor

Actor from one of the all-time best grossing movies, Spiderman

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